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Best Guinea Pig Cages

Looking for the best guinea pig cage for your little critter? Check out my review of the best guinea pig cages on the market, plus everything you need to know before buying one. Read More


Top 3 Guinea Pig Cage Reviews:

Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus

Recommended by professionals, the Midwest Guinea Habitat Plus is my favorite guinea pig cage on the market and a great option if you have more than one guinea pig as I do. Read More

Living World Deluxe Habitat XL

This all-inclusive cage provides you with everything you need to create a nice home for one or two guinea pigs. Read More

ToysOpoly #1 Premium Pet Playpen

If you love traveling with your guinea pigs or want to be able to take them outside to enjoy a nice day, you’ll love the ToysOpoly #1 Premium Pet Playpen. Read More


Best Rabbit Cages

On the market for the best rabbit cage for your bunny? See my top recommendations for the best rabbit cages out there and what to look for. Read More