Ultimate Guide to the Best Rabbit Cage for Your Pet

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Regardless of whether you have an indoor or outdoor rabbit, one of the most important things to provide to your rabbit pet is a safe and comfortable home.

Not only do you want them to be protected from all of the elements, but you also want to find a cage that won’t cause any health issues.

To help you out, I’ve put together this ultimate guide to choose the best rabbit cage for your pet, based on my experience as a veterinary nurse and rabbit parent.

I’ve included reviews of the top 10 best rabbit cages for sale on Amazon, as well as what to look for, and any other accessories you’ll need to keep your bunny safe, happy, and healthy.

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Best Rabbit Cage Comparison Chart


Ferplast Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage63.8 x 23.6 x 19.684.8See price on Amazon
Living World Deluxe Habitat46.9 x 22.8 x 244.8See price on Amazon
Petsfit Wood Rabbit Cage36 x 22 x 304.6See price on Amazon
Kennel-Aire A-Frame Bunny House29.5 x 16.5 x 244.4See price on Amazon
Prevue Pet Products 52832.5 x 19 x 17.54.7See price on Amazon
AmazonBasics Pet Habitat48.6 x 26.6 x 20.64.8See price on Amazon
Kaytee My First Home30.5 x 18 x 304.7See price on Amazon
Merax Wooden Pet House48 x 19.7 x 414.5See price on Amazon
Midwest Wabbitat Deluxe37 x 19 x 204.5See price on Amazon
Home Sweet Home Pet Cage40 x 20 x 204.3See price on Amazon


How to Choose the Best Rabbit Cage

When trying to find the best cage for rabbits, you want to make sure you look for a few specific things. In addition to keeping your friend comfortable and safe, you want to ensure they have plenty of space.

Take a look below to see what things you should add to your checklist when choosing a perfect house for rabbits.



One of the biggest considerations is the size of the cage. Big rabbit cages are usually better and will keep your pet rabbit happier and healthier.

In addition to having enough room to allow to completely stretch out, the cage also needs to be big enough for your bunny to stand on its back legs.

If possible, you should also try and find a way to provide more space for running and playing.

bunny staring out of a window - best rabbit cages

Keep in mind, the more rabbits you have, the bigger a cage you’ll need.

For 1 rabbit, the cage should be at least 12 square feet with at least 24 square feet for exercise. For each additional rabbit, you need to add another 12 square feet of space.

Finally, and although having a good cage is important, don’t forget to give your rabbit plenty of time outside its cage every day!



Next, you’ll want to consider the type of material to get. Since rabbits like to chew, you’ll want something sturdy and thick.

Many people choose plastic, wood, and wire rabbit cages, or a combination of all.

Regardless of what type of material you choose, you’ll want to avoid bottoms made of metal wire or grids because bunnies can get their feet stuck or end up getting sore hocks, which is extremely painful for them.


Access & Ease of Cleaning

Another consideration is access and ease of cleaning. You should be able to easily reach inside the cage to get your pet and give a thorough cleaning.

If possible, try and find something that has multiple access points.

There are also cages that come with removable bottoms, which make cleanup a breeze.


Hiding Spots & Other Features

Rabbits need a place to hide, so making sure they have at least 1 hiding spot is essential. This can either be built-in or you can buy something separately.

Some other features you could look for are ramps, multiple-levels, and an attached rabbit run or pen.


Indoor Rabbit Cage vs Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

You’ll want to make sure you get the correct rabbit habitat for the location you’ll be keeping your bunny.

If they’ll be staying outside, you’ll want to make sure the outdoor rabbit cages you’re considering have features like being waterproof, are safe from predators, warm, and have plenty of space and ventilation.

Please remember that rabbits are social animals. So if you’re planning to keep your pet outside make sure to get at least two of them so they don’t feel lonely!

two bunnies kissing - best cage for rabbits

If you’re considering rabbit cages for indoors, and I strongly recommend keeping your pet inside, you won’t have to worry about things like being safe from predators.

In fact, you could even opt for a rabbit home that has an open-floor plan or a rabbit playpen and plenty of room to run and have fun.

In addition, you can also buy an outdoor rabbit run to take them outside every once in a while.


Travel & Portability

The rabbit condo you choose should be able to be moved around quite easily.

If you’re planning on traveling with your bunny, make sure you have something that will keep him safe and contained.

Even if you plan on keeping your rabbit house indoors all the time, it’s important to get something that can be moved around for cleaning and rearranging like a rabbit cage on wheels.

Most rabbit enclosures will come with lockable tires that should make it extremely easy to move them around.


Safety & Ventilation

Finally, finding a cage with a lot of safety and ventilation is a must.

You’ll want to find a habitat that will keep your bunny as safe as possible. Many injuries can be dire with rabbits, so eliminating any dangers is a must.

Having enough ventilation is also important for making sure your rabbit can breathe. This will also help make sure they aren’t stuck in close quarters to things like bedding or hay dust.


Top 10 Best Rabbit Cages:

#1 Best Extra-Large Rabbit Cage: Krolik XXL Rabbit Cage

When looking for the best extra-large indoor rabbit cage, you don’t want to pass this one up. Not only does this huge rabbit cage have a living area, but it also has an extension to give more exercise room.

There’s a little built-in ledge that is the perfect size for non-spillable bowls. Underneath the ledge, your pet can find a great place to cuddle up and hide away from the outside world.

This indoor rabbit house measures 63.8L x 23.6W x 19.68H, which is plenty of space for 1 or 2 rabbits. If you have a dwarf or smaller breed rabbits, you could fit 3.

The bottom is a deep plastic pan that doesn’t have any type of wire grids on top. While it won’t cause sore hocks, you’ll want to remember that your bunny will be sitting right on the bedding.

One thing to keep in mind is that this double rabbit cage doesn’t have wheels, so it might be hard to move with your bunnies inside.

You’ll be able to easily access all parts of the cage by using one of its multiple doors.


  • It’s large enough for multiple rabbits.
  • The pan can be detached easily.
  • It can be completely taken down in minutes.


  • It needs a large amount of space.
  • The extension can be difficult to clean.


#2 Best Large Rabbit Cage: Living World Deluxe Habitat

This is another large rabbit cage for indoor that’s on the top of the list. It has many great features and it’s the perfect home for your furry friend.

It measures 46.9 x 22.8 x 24. This size is great for 1 larger rabbit or 2 smaller rabbits. With these numbers, your rabbits can have plenty of room to move and play.

The plastic and metal is very sturdy and stands up well to most chewing.

There’s also a built-in ramp that makes it possible for your pet to move between floors. This is a great feature because it keeps them from having to lay directly on the bedding.

There are plenty of areas on the cage to fasten a waterer and feeder if you don’t want to use bowls.

You’ll also find that cleaning and handling your bunny is a breeze because the access points give you a ton of space to work with.

If you’re looking for large rabbit indoor cages, look no further!


  • The bars are chew proof.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It has a lot of space.


  • The plastic bottom can get chewed.
  • There isn’t a warranty offered.


#3 Best Wooden Rabbit Hutch: Petsfit Wood Rabbit Cage

One of the best rabbit hutch options available is the Petsfit Wooden Rabbit Cage.

One of the great things about this cage is that it can be used both as an outdoor rabbit house and a large indoor rabbit hutch. You’ll need to waterproof if you’ll be using it outside with rain, though.

There is also an exercise area and a built-in dark area for hiding and resting. The bottom tray can be easily removed for a quick cleaning process.

The outside of this large rabbit hutch measures 36″ L x 22″ W x 30″ H. With this size, you can keep 2 adult rabbits inside quite comfortably.

There are access doors on both the front and top of this cage. The entire thing is quite sturdy and made from solid wood and metal.

While it might look like it’s hard to get together, there are pre-drilled holes that allow easy setup. There are also rubber caps on the bottom to help keep the hutch in place instead of sliding all around.


  • It can house 2 adult rabbits.
  • The tray is leak-proof and removable.
  • It can be used indoors or outdoors in areas with no rain.


  • The rabbit sits right on top of the bottom.
  • It’s not easily moveable.


#4 Best Travel Rabbit Cage: Kennel-Aire A-Frame Bunny House

If you’re looking for a rabbit cage with wheels that works great for traveling or short trips, then the Kennel-Aire A-Frame is a great option.

It’s made of all black wire and plastic, which means it isn’t very flashy or extravagant. It also has 4 wheels on the bottom to help with any moving.

Since the bottom is a metal grid over the plastic, you want to make sure you aren’t leaving your bunny in for long periods.

It measures 29.5 x 16.5 x 24 inches, which is the perfect size for resting or sleeping. Of course, you shouldn’t house more than 1 rabbit in this cage because there just isn’t enough room.

You don’t need any tools to assemble this cage and you’ll be able to have it up or down in a matter of minutes.

There are 2 access points, 1 in the front and 1 on top. This means you can let your pet out the front while you reach in from the top.


  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It has 4 heavy-duty wheels on the bottom.
  • The pan is easily removed for cleaning.


  • Wire bottom rabbit cage (you can add something on top of the wire floor though).
  • There are no built-in areas to hide.


#5 Best Small Rabbit Cage: Prevue Pet Products 528

If you’re looking for the perfect home for 1 bunny, then look no further. This cage has a lot of great features and has the perfect amount of space for all of your rabbit’s needs.

In addition to having an access ramp, there’s also another platform. Not only will your bunny be able to get off of the bedding, but you could put a little hideaway on the platform so your rabbit can have some time alone.

It has dimensions of 32 ½’’ L x 19’’ W x 17 ½’’ H and the iron bars have 3/8’’ spacing. This gives a lot of ventilation with a lower chance of your pet getting paws stuck.

In addition to having a deep plastic bottom, this indoor rabbit habitat also has 2 openings to make cleaning and handling a breeze.

With how simple and easy it is to assemble, you’ll have your pet’s new home set up in no time.


  • It does a great job of keeping bedding in.
  • There are 2 access doors.
  • The platform and ramp can be removed.


  • The locks are a little loose.
  • The metal is a bit on the flimsy side.


#6 Best Rabbit Cage with Accessories: AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

The AmazonBasics habitat is great for 1 larger bunny or 2 smaller ones.

It has 2 access doors, which means you can let your bunny out of the front one while you start cleaning from the top one.

The deep plastic bottom means you can put a lot of bedding for extra comfort. You won’t have to worry about a huge mess because it’s deep enough to keep everything contained.

The upper part is made from high-quality metal that prevents damage from chewing.

If you find that you want something bigger, you can get this particular habitat in other sizes. All of them have a decent amount of space and offer a great home for your rabbit.

Like some of the others on the list, this indoor rabbit enclosure has a sturdy ramp and a little platform where your rabbit can rest.


  • There’s a built-in hiding spot.
  • It comes with a non-drip water bottle and a non-tip food bowl.
  • There are access doors on the side and top.


  • The ramp is a little slippery.
  • The wire used on the top isn’t very strong.


#7 Best Multi-Level Rabbit Cage: Kaytee My First Home

While this one isn’t only targeted to rabbits, it has enough space and features to keep them happy.

In addition to having a deep bottom, this habitat also has multiple levels and ramps. The level right above the bottom of the cage is positioned to give plenty of room while also being a great place for your bunny to hide.

It only has 1 access door, but it’s very easy to clean.

You can assemble this rabbit indoor cage in a matter of minutes and it’s lightweight enough to easily move to different areas. This is a great feature because it doesn’t have any type of wheels that let you easily push it around.

The plastic and metal that it’s made from is very sturdy and helps decrease the chances of damage from chewing.

If you have dwarf breeds, you could fit more than 1, but you should only use it for 1 rabbit if it’s a larger breed.


  • There are multiple hiding areas.
  • It has multiple levels.
  • It can be assembled with no tools.


  • It’s not as wide since it’s taller.
  • There is only 1 access door.


#8 Best Outdoor Rabbit Hutch: Merax Wooden Pet House

Out of all of the cages on this list, this might be the best outside rabbit cage. It’s made with durable materials that stand up well to the elements and most potential predators.

It’s also elevated off of the ground, which can keep your bunny at a comfortable temperature in most climates.

If you plan on using this rabbit hutch outdoor in an area that gets very cold or rainy, you might want to invest in a safe heat source to ensure they are warm.

There’s a large area that is open on 2 sides. This is great for ventilation and fresh air. There’s also a little area that’s dark to help your pet have the perfect place for resting and relaxation.

This outdoor rabbit enclosure comes with pre-drilled holes that make putting it together very easy.

This large outdoor rabbit hutch is the perfect size for 1 large bunny or a couple of small ones and the tray can be easily removed for cleaning. In addition, you can easily clean the cage with the 2 large access doors.

If you’re looking for rabbit cages for outside, this one is certainly one of the best out there.


  • The wood is very sturdy.
  • There’s a built-in hiding area.
  • The tray can be easily pulled out for cleaning.


  • It takes up a good amount of space.
  • The wooden door isn’t secured very well.


#9 Best Easy to Clean Rabbit Cage: MidWest Homes for Pets Wabbitat Deluxe

The next cage on this list is another one that’s great for short periods of time. You never know what might come up or when you’ll need to move your rabbits, so having a sturdy spare cage is essential.

It’s made of wire that helps keep your pet safe and comfortable. The bottom is made from a wire grid on top of a removable tray. While this rabbit cage wire prevents your bunny from sitting directly on the bedding, you have to watch out because it can cause sore hocks in some rabbits.

Not only can you assemble this rabbit indoor house without any tools, but you can have it completely set up within minutes.

There’s plenty of room to add various accessories and toys to keep your bun entertained.

It also has 2 large doors that can be used for access and they can be secured by using the sturdy locks that are built right in.


  • It can be put up and taken down in seconds.
  • It can be accessed from the top and front.
  • The bottom pan can be easily removed for cleaning.


  • The floor is made of metal grids.
  • There isn’t a whole lot of room for the bunny.


#10 Best Cheap Rabbit Cage: Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet Cage

Finally, if you’re looking for cheap rabbit cages or something simple without any extra bells and whistles, then this habitat is a great option. It’s also very affordable, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

This indoor rabbit home doesn’t have any platforms or ramps, so your bunny will be directly on top of the bedding if you don’t put anything down. You’ll also want to make sure you get something your rabbit can hide in.

It can be easily put together and taken apart. Since the metal is fixed to the base by clamps, you can loosen everything to separate the 2 pieces. Once you do this, you can dump the litter and rinse clean.

The metal has enough space for most waterers and feeders while also being close enough to reduce the chances of your bunny getting caught up or hurt.


  • It’s budget-friendly.
  • It’s very easy to clean.
  • The base is deep and does well containing the bedding.


  • The small and medium sizes are not big enough for larger rabbits.
  • It can be hard to hang toys.


What Else do Rabbits Need?

There are also a few additional rabbit supplies you’ll want to make sure you buy. These things help keep your pet healthy and give them extra enrichment.

While there are a few types or brands that are better than others, you should be able to find good products for pet rabbit care regardless of your budget.


Rabbit Cage Bedding

You’ll want to get the best bedding for rabbits you can to keep their cage clean and odor-free. It’s also very important to get something that won’t irritate the respiratory system and gives a nice layer of cushion for comfort.

Some bedding types, like cedar and pine, aren’t good for rabbits at all. You’ll also want to stay away from anything that can’t be digested because rabbits like to chew.

Some of the best rabbit bedding options are made of soft paper and natural aspen.


Food & Water

To ensure your bunny gets enough food and water, you’ll want to get the best type of bowls available. You’ll also want to make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water, fresh hay and greens, and rabbit pellets.

You can use a small bowl for water, or you can get one of the drip waterers.

The easiest rabbit food dish is one that can hold the pellets and hay at the same time. Most of these will clip on the side of the cage, so you’ll want to make sure there’s room.


Additional Rabbit Accessories

Finally, you’ll want to make sure you get pet rabbit supplies and accessories to make your bunny more comfortable and have more enrichment options. Some ideas for these things are listed below:


Cleaning your Rabbit Cage

If your rabbit cage isn’t cleaned frequently and correctly, your little friend could easily get sick. These diseases tend to be hard to get rid of and could cause serious injury or death.

To help you with the cleaning process, I’ve listed the products you’ll need and the steps you should take to ensure a clean habitat.


Rabbit Cage Cleaning Products

There are a few things you want to try and have to ensure you’re cleaning the correct way. These aren’t mandatory, but they definitely help.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need different products depending on whether you’re doing a deep clean or just a quick clean.

Quick Clean:

Deep Clean:

rabbit on a living room - best rabbit cage


Cleaning Steps

The process of cleaning will depend on what type of clean you’re going to do. A deep clean is going to take longer and have more products involved than a quick clean.

Take a look below to see the steps for both. Make sure you leave a little area untouched if your rabbit isn’t litter trained to ensure they will keep using the bathroom in that spot.

Quick Clean:

  • Take your rabbit and all of the accessories out of the cage.
  • Put on your gloves and remove all of the rabbit litter and droppings. Put these into your trash bag.
  • Use a cage cleaning wipe to wipe everything down.
  • Make sure everything is dry and then put a fresh layer of the best litter for rabbits. Also, refill the food and water.
  • Put your rabbit and accessories back in.

Deep Clean:

  • Remove your rabbit and all accessories.
  • Put on the gloves and take out all bedding, scattered food, and droppings. Throw these away in the trash bag.
  • Spray your cage cleaner inside the hutch.
  • Take your bristle brush and scrub everything.
  • Get your cloth or sponge wet and rinse away any remaining cleaner.
  • Use the paper towels to dry everything.
  • Refill everything and lay down fresh rabbit bedding.
  • Put your rabbit and accessories back in.



When it comes to rabbit cages, cheap isn’t always good. The most important thing when choosing the best rabbit cage for your pet is to make sure your furry friend is as safe and comfortable as possible.

With that in mind, I recommend keeping your rabbit hutch indoor and opting for extra space and quality materials whenever possible. Your bunny will thank you!

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