Living World Deluxe Habitat Review

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Living World Deluxe Habitat ReviewThe Living World Deluxe Habitat X-Large can help you take good care of your guinea pigs and provide them with everything they need to stay safe and content.

In this Living World Deluxe Habitat review, I’ll share some of the features of this cage as well as some of its shortcomings to help you make a sound decision about whether this is the best cage for your guinea pigs.


Living World Deluxe Habitat Review:

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First Impression

My first impression of the Living World Deluxe cage was that is well-organized to help me make sure that my guinea pigs could easily get at everything they needed.

While the standard and large options are smaller than some other guinea pig cages you find, the Living World Deluxe Habitat XL cage provides the recommended amount of space for a two guinea pigs’ habitat.

The Living World Large cage may also make a good option if you have only one guinea pig and don’t have a huge area where you can keep your pet’s cage, but I wouldn’t recommend going smaller than that.



The Living World cage has plenty of great features that you (and your guinea pigs) are sure to enjoy.

One of the sidewalls of the cage has an elevated hay feeder and a drip-proof water bottle. The other side features a raised balcony. This will provide a nice spot where they can rest, sleep, or eat. To help them gain access to the balcony, there is a little ramp.

Another neat feature is that you can secure your guinea pig’s food dish to the floor of the balcony. This can prevent it from getting tipped over, helping to keep the cage cleaner and make sure food doesn’t get wasted.

Beneath the balcony is a little hideout. If your guinea pigs want to take a quiet break or feel secure, they can hang out in this space.

The Living World Habitat has a plastic bottom base. When needed, you’ll be able to easily wipe out the cage and keep it clean for your guinea pigs.

The cage’s wireframe is attached to the base to provide plenty of ventilation for your pets.

There are two curved upper panels on the top of the cage that will open to make it easy for you to feed your guinea pigs, clean their cage, or take them out for some playtime.

The front of the cage also features a smaller wire door that you can open for quick access to the cage.

The Living World XL cage is 46 8/9 inches long by 22 4/5 inches wide.

It will arrive disassembled, but you’ll be able to get it put together in no time. You’ll only need the eight plastic clips that are included with your purchase; no tools are required for assembly.



  • The plastic base is easy to wipe down and clean.
  • Your guinea pigs will love hanging out on the balcony or hiding out underneath it.
  • The food bowl can be secured to the balcony, preventing it from getting tipped over.
  • There are two panels that open at the top, allowing you to open up the entire cage, quickly put something in the cage for your guinea pigs, or take them out to play.



  • The elevated balcony is too small to provide enough space for your guinea pigs to play.
  • The standard and large sizes provide less total space for your guinea pigs than some other models.


Accessories You’ll Need

The Living World guinea pig cage comes with a food bowl and water bottle, so there aren’t any additional accessories you’ll have to purchase.


Final words

If you are looking for an all-inclusive cage for two guinea pigs, the Living World Deluxe Habitat Extra-Large is a great choice.

This cage provides you with everything you need to create a nice home for your guinea pigs and includes features, such as the balcony and hideout, that they’ll love as well.


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