Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Review

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Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation reviewIf you are looking to provide plenty of space and hours of entertainment for your guinea pigs, the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation definitely considers close attention.

This tall cage offers multiple levels of enjoyment for your guinea pigs. They’ll have plenty of space to spread out, play together, eat, sleep, and take care of their business.

Keep reading our full Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation review below to learn more about this great guinea pig cage option.


Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Review:

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First Impression

There looks to be a lot to love about this Midwest cage.

It offers four different levels that allow guinea pigs to spread out and play. The different levels are connected by ramps to make it easy for your pets to move freely around the cage.

Since the cage has wheels, you’ll also be able to pull it out from against the wall or move it around in your space when you want to be able to interact with your guinea pigs more.



The Midwest Critter Nation double unit is designed to provide a spacious habitat for your guinea pigs. There are four different levels in this cage that are connected with ramps.

Two of the levels (the base level and the third level) span the entire width of the cage, and two of the levels are smaller shelves. You can adjust the position of the shelves to best suit your needs.

The levels are connected using three plastic ramps. The ramps will allow your guinea pigs to move about the cage as they’d like.

Having different levels will also allow you to provide separate areas for litter, play, and feeding. If desired, the ramps can be swung up and locked to prevent your guinea pigs from being able to access the different sections of the cage.

You’ll find that it is easy to clean the cage when needed because of this feature. Each of the full pans is also leak-proof, which will also aid in easy cleanups.

There are two large double doors that you can open to give you full access to the interior of the cage. This will make it easy to change the litter, clean the cage, give food to your guinea pigs, or take them out for some fun playtime.

The Midwest Critter Nation cage is 36 inches long, 25 inches wide, and 63 inches tall. It will become the perfect home for multiple guinea pigs.

Since the cage is on wheels, you can move it around within your space when you want to play with your guinea pigs or put them at the center of attention. The wheels can be locked for security when you don’t want the cage to be able to roll around.

There is also a storage tray on the base of the unit where you’ll be able to keep food and other accessories you want within easy reach.



  • This Midwest small animal cage is on wheels to make it easy to move around your space.
  • There are four levels connected by ramps that provide lots of opportunities for your guinea pigs to play and explore.
  • The ramps can be swung up and locked to allow you to separate your guinea pigs or close off one section of the cage for cleaning.
  • Ramp covers are included to provide protection for your guinea pigs’ feet.
  • Each section of the cage features two double doors that will open to provide you with full access to the cage for cleaning or organizing.



  • You won’t be able to bring the Midwest Critter cage outside very easily.


Accessories You’ll Need

You can purchase hammocks, some toys, a couple of tunnels, and other accessories for your furry family members. These can easily be attached to the sides of the cage to provide added fun and entertainment for your guinea pigs and are highly recommended to keep your pets happy and healthy.

You’ll need to make sure you have a food bowl and water bottle for your guinea pigs as well since those are not included in this cage.


Final Words

There certainly is a lot to love about this tall, double Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation cage. Your guinea pigs will enjoy an expansive space where they can play and explore.

The locking ramps make it easy for you to provide them with free rein of the cage, separate them from one another, or block of access to one area when you’re cleaning.


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