ToysOpoly #1 Premium Pet Playpen Review

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ToysOpoly #1 Premium Pet Playpen reviewIf you love taking your guinea pigs on outdoor adventures, the ToysOpoly #1 Premium Pet Playpen is a product you will want to seriously consider when looking for the best guinea pig cages.

This playpen is designed to be portable and easy to set up, making it a great option for travel or spending time with your guineas outside. It is my go-to guinea pig travel cage and carrier and I absolutely love it!

It is also a great travel carrier for cats, puppies, hamsters, or rabbits.

Read through my ToysOpoly #1 Premium Pet Playpen review below to find out why and decide whether you want to purchase it for your guinea pigs.


ToysOpoly #1 Premium Pet Playpen Review:

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First Impression

At first glance, this looks like a great product. It can be quickly and easily set up when you want to take your guinea pigs outside but also collapses for compact storage when not in use.

The mesh sides of the playpen will allow your guinea pigs to see the outside world, while also keeping them protected from predators and providing them with plenty of ventilation.



You’ll find that the ToysOpoly Pet Playpen comes with a variety of features that make it a great option for you to consider.

This pop-up tent is very roomy and will offer plenty of space for your guinea pigs to run around and enjoy themselves on a nice day. The tent is a 45-inch octagon with walls that are 22 inches high.

This product is designed to be easily portable to allow you to bring your guinea pigs outside or quickly set up a habitat for them if you are traveling.

The tent will pop up in seconds and be ready for use; no assembly is required. When not in use, it folds flat for easy storage or transport. A handy carrying case is also included with your purchase.

This is also a very well-made product. The cage is made using water-resistant materials that are durable and do not tear easily. The corners have been reinforced and the seams have been protected for added durability.

All the materials used to make this guinea pig cage are also safe and independently tested by third-party labs. They have been certified as non-toxic, BPA-safe, lead-safe, and phthalates-safe.

You won’t need to worry about your guinea pigs accidentally ingesting any of these materials.

The top of the cage has a zipper that allows you to open it up or remove it completely. In addition to providing protection against predators outside, the top also offers cooling shade for your guinea pigs.

There is also a front zippered door on one of the panels of the cage. This will make it easy for you to open the cage to take out your guinea pigs or put in food or other items for them.

You can also choose from four different color options when you choose this product. The playpen is available in blue, black, maroon, and pink, my personal favorite.



  • The playpen pops up in seconds and folds flat for storage and travel.
  • There is a zipper on the top that allows you to take the top off completely.
  • The playpen’s fabric is water-resistant and sturdy.
  • There are storage pouches on some of the sides of the tent.
  • You have four different color options to choose from.



  • You can’t attach a water bottle to the side of the playpen since the panels are made of mesh.


Accessories You’ll Need

This playpen does not include any accessories, so you’ll need to have a food bowl and water bowl for your guinea pigs.


Final words

If you love traveling with your guinea pigs or want to be able to take them outside to enjoy a nice day, you’ll love the ToysOpoly #1 Premium Pet Playpen.

This product will provide your furry pets with plenty of space to explore and enjoy the outdoors while keeping them safe and protected.


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